How a Wall Street Intern Could Become an Investment Bank CEO

Hey sport, interested in going from summer intern at an investment bank to running an investment bank? Take some quick advice from the success story that is Stifel Financial CEO Ron Kruszewski.
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Get to work.

Hey there summer investment bank intern: stop fantasizing about becoming the next Jamie Dimon over at JPMorgan Chase (JPM) - Get Report or Lloyd Blankfein at Goldman Sachs (GS) - Get Report . Instead, check out the career of Stifel Financial's (SF) - Get Report CEO Ron Kruszewski...and then put in a lot of overtime this summer and every summer for the next 15 years.  

Kruszewski has been the longest-serving CEO among the major investment banks, taking the CEO helm at St. Louis headquartered Stifel in 1997. In 2001, Kruszewski assumed the role of chairman.

As Stifel's CEO, he has navigated the highs of a tech stock boom (1999), the lows of a tech stock bust (2000) and the super lows of the Great Recession (2009). Along the way, he has spearheaded an acquisition drive at Stifel that has led it to be among the most formidable names in equity research and M&A advising. 

Kruszewski's advice to interns on how to eventually reach the corner office of an investment bank? Hustle.

"Work hard and be a little lucky," Kruszewski told TheStreet at Stifel's 2018 Cross Sector Insight Conference.

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