How 1950's Mercedes Benz Cars Inspired Badgley Mischka's 2019 Fall Collection

Mark Badgley and James Mischka explained what inspired their newest collection and how tariffs have impacted their brand at New York Fashion Week.
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New York Fashion Week is in full swing. 

TheStreet talked to Mark Badgley and James Mischka before their show on Thursday, Feb. 8.  

So what inspired the newest collection?

 "It's sort of taut and controlled ratified by late 1950s-1960s Mercedes-Benz cars. The sort of like the curve of the Fender the sort of the finish on the metal as well," Mischka responded. "It gave some inspiration for our color as it's like you know anthracite chocolate brown forced lone green and beautiful like pastel frosty dusty pinks dusty mauves."

When asked how tariffs have impacted their brand, Mischka said, "I think that the looming threat of the tariffs over handbags has especially impacted us, apparel not as much because the kind of across the board everyone's got the same kind of boat it makes everyone's prices increase the amount and once you get manufactured domestically which is unusual. It's impact us a little bit but they've kind of been with us for a long time as well. And we're very much used to them and incorporate them into our pricing and trying to figure out how to make them so that the least impactful as possible on the consumer."

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The duo recently celebrated 30 years in the fashion industry. When asked about inspiration for dressing clients--which includes celebrities such as Helen Mirren--Badgley responded, "I think it's the ultimate way to showcase, you know, what a designer does. There's nothing more boring than a beautiful dress that just hangs in the closet. You want it to be enjoyed. And you know there's nothing like seeing a woman on the red carpet who's wearing one of your favorite pieces come to life. That never gets boring.

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