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2009 This California-based startup was launched by Ethan Brown and Brent Taylor.

2016The company released the first plant-based burger to be sold alongside beef, poultry and pork in the meat section of grocery stores.

2018The company opened its second production facility in Missouri, resulting in a three-fold increase of the company's manufacturing space.

2019Beyond Meat is valued at about $3.8 billion and had 2019's best first day for an initial public offering in the U.S.

Beyond Meat's biggest competitor is Impossible Foods, which is still private.

Both of these companies believe there is a better way to feed the planet. 

But who will come up on top? Only time will tell.

 Beyond Meat (BYND) , which went public earlier in 2019, had one of the most successful IPO's in 2019. 

The company was started in California back in 2009, but its first plant-based burger wasn't released until 2016. 

The company is one of many companies to start focusing on creating a plant-based burger. 

Some of its competitors include Impossible Foods, Nestle, Tofurkey and even one of its old investors--Tyson TSN. 

But Beyond's biggest direct competitor is Impossible, which also creates a plant-based burger that resembles a meat burger. 

The two companies have both signed partnerships with a slew of restaurants.

Beyond's partners include TGI Fridays, Del Taco and Carls Jr. 

And, on Wednesday, July 24, Beyond Meat announced a new partnership with Dunkin' (DNKN - Get Report) . Dunkin' will be rolling out a meatless sausage sandwich. The sandwich is currently being rolled out in Manhattan, with plans to roll it out nationally at another point. 

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