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Hershey Chocolate and Candy, A Sweet History

Did you know that the famous chocolate company, Hershey, started as a caramel company? Watch the video timeline about Milton S. Hershey and his company.

Who doesn't love chocolate? That happiness feeling is what inspired Milton S. Hershey.  Hershey (HSY) - Get Hershey Company Report founded a small candy shop in rural Philadelphia.

1883. Hershey opens Lancaster Caramel Company

1894. Hershey Chocolate Corporation founded, Hershey cocoa was introduced 

1900. Milton Hershey made chocolate affordable 

1907. Hershey's Kisses were introduced

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1927. The Hershey Co. was created as a successor of the Hershey Chocolate Corporation

1945. Milton Hershey passed away

Hershey's Brands

Did you know that Hershey's has a number of other candy's under its brand umbrella? Reese's, Kit Kat, Jolly Rancher, Cadbury, Fifth Avenue, Krackle, Mounds, Brookside, Take 5, Twizzler's and Ice Breakers are all candies created by the famous chocolate company.

Hershey's FAQ

According to Hershey, the company has more than 21,000 employee's worldwide. When it comes to their products, 80% of the products are made up of cocoa, nuts, milk and sugar. Hershey's is one of the largest almond buyers in America and the company works with the U.S. "peanut belt," ranging from Virginia down to Georgia and stretching west to Texas.

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