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Here's How Azuca Plans to Fix Cannabis Edibles

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The CBD space is booming with new products as consumer sentiment and federal laws change to embrace cannabis and cannabis-related products. 

Kim Rael CEO of culinary-driven cannabis company Azuca believes that her company's focus on improving the cannabis edible experience separates her company from the glut of other cannabis and CBD edible products. 

"We've developed a technology that makes edibles much more fast acting and enhances bio availability. Traditional edibles take up to 90 minutes to several hours to take effect, so people don't know how strong the effect is going to be or when it's going to kick in, so its hard to trust," Rael told TheStreet.

Azuca's products mitigate that part of the experience, boasting a reaction time between two and 15 minutes. That bit of certainty could be instrumental in continuing to change consumer and legislative sentiment surrounding edibles and marijuana products more positive. 

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That sentiment is important as New Jersey's legislature just failed to vote on a bill that would have legalized recreational marijuana despite support from the governor, legislative leaders and about 60% of New Jersey's population. 

Making the consumer experience with edibles more predictable could go a long way in changing that sentiment. 

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