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Here Are the Top Stocks to Give as Gifts

Stocks may be the gifts that keep on giving.

Stocks may be the gifts that keep on giving... but how do you actually turn them into the perfect present?

A free method is to set up a direct stock purchase plan or a dividend reinvestment plan and do it in the name of your family member graduating from college, newlyweds celebrating their wedding... or anyone really whose future you want to invest in.

You can also use a service like Stockpile. It makes giving stocks as easy as giving a gift card, trades are just 99-cents. Sites like and not only allow you to give stock, but also a customized stock certificate. But that framing will cost you.

You can also unload part of your portfolio by retitling stock from your brokerage account or dividend reinvestment program for about $75 bucks. You can even set up recurring gifts in this fashion.
For ultimate freedom, set up a trust and transfer stocks shares into it directly.

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Don't forget giving stock is not just about the numbers, it's about passion too. Think Tesla for the car lover, maybe Apple for the tech geek, Disney for the newborn and NextEra Energy for the Nature lover. 

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