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Henry Gambell Analysis: S&P 500, BA, KO, TLT, TSLA, ADSK, DNKN, VZ

Today's Hot Topic reviews the position adjustments we made this week along with a few new setups to track into the end of the year.

In today's update, Henry Gambell steps in for John Carter to review the markets and update current positions, as well as look at a few new anmes. The Boeing (BA) trade we have been analyzing, which has set up for a put credit spread, is more geared toward experienced traders due to a few factors (namely, declining moving averages) which make it a bit more difficult to manage. Our KO position has been closed out, and we are waiting for the monthly squeeze to trigger for another entry. The TLT ticker we have been watching is right on support, and the employment data on Friday will likely impact the next move for bonds. TSLA is setting up for a new breakout following an earnings beat. Autodesk (ADSK) is breaking above weekly highs and has set up a squeeze for higher prices. DNKN is also setting up for a nice squeeze as well. Finally, Verizon (VZ) is another setup which looks poised for big move on the weekly and monthly charts.

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