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Katherine Ross: I'm K atherine Ross with TheStreet and we are here between 53rd and 52nd and 7th, where at 787 7th right behind me there was a helicopter crash landing where unfortunately the pilot has passed away. Tenants of this building includes Stifel, BNP Paribas, New Mountain Capital, UBS and Citigroup. Neal Shapiro, communications director for Stifel told TheStreet that all employees of the firm had been evacuated following the incident. He said we are in the process now of confirming that all employees are safe and accounted for, which we believe is the case. They have a business continuity plan in place and are already enacting them.

Katherine Ross: I talked to a UBS employee who was located on the sixth floor annex at the time. He told us that he had been in an earthquake before and thought that the impact from the helicopter crash landing was just an earthquake tremor.

J. Waugh: We felt a jolt at about 1:58pm there about. I just thought it was like the truck on the road like passing and like shaking the building. But my team members were like no, this is something more serious. The Intercom went off, to say that we are assessing the situation. They'll let us know shortly. A lady, she works in the BNP building, and she was in the 30's, and she noted that they felt like, um, a shake. I felt something, something on my floor, which is floor six, and this was at the top of the BNP building. It must have been traumatic for those persons at BNP.

Katherine Ross: I'm Katherine Ross and stick with TheStreet for the latest developments.

A fatal helicopter crash in Midtown Manhattan Monday claimed the life of the pilot and disrupted traffic, but doesn't appear to be anything more than an accident, according to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. 

"There is no nexus to terror," de Blasio said at a briefing on the incident, adding that "There is no ongoing threat," to the city.

The Mayor held a press conference detailing the crash into  AXA Equitable Building, located at 787 7th avenue.

We have an update on the helicopter accident in midtown.

— Mayor Bill de Blasio (@NYCMayor) June 10, 2019

The building houses a number of financial firms including Stifel, BNP Paribas, New Mountain Capital, UBS and Citigroup.

The pilot was confirmed dead.

The scene in midtown was chaotic as police and firefighters blocked streets for the investigation and crowds gathered seeking the the best vantage point.

TheStreet's Katherine Ross caught up with a UBS employee as he shared the harrowing moments with the helicopter crash-landed.

"We felt a jolt around 1:15 P.M. or thereabouts. I thought it was [just a truck on the road] passing and shaking building, but my team members were like, 'no, this is something more serious," said J. Waugh, a witness who declined to give his full first name. Waugh told TheStreet that he was located in the annex to the building, which is connected by a bridge to the main building. He and his team were located on he sixth floor at the time of the crash.

Mr. Waugh recounted speaking to another witness, who was located around the 30th floor, who told him that she had felt a shake when the crash happened.

Mr. Waugh said that he and his team were evacuated shortly before 2 P.M. 

787 7th ave, #midtown NYC. We're 1 block south. 20 mins ago there was a loud sound like a too-low #helicopter & I looked up and saw sheet of flame on roof and then smoke. News reports saying helicopter/small plane crash onto roof which would be consistent with what I heard/saw.

— Lance Koonce (@LHKoonce) June 10, 2019