HBO Is Offering 500 Free Hours Of Programming

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Beginning Friday, April 3, HBO is making 500 hours of programming free for U.S. viewers. Free series include "Six Feet Under," "The Sopranos," "Succession," "True Blood," "Veep," and many more. HBO has said this promotion will be for a limited time only, but hasn't announced an end date.

On Twitter, HBO made the announcement using the hashtag "#StayHomeBoxOffice." HBO is hoping to encourage Americans to stay at home and practice social distancing through free content.

The content will stream without ads on HBO Now and HBO Go services. Alongside popular shows, movies and documentaries are also being made available for free.

The generous promotion is also an effective way for HBO to advertise its platform, especially in the lead up to the launch of HBO Max in May. HBO Max will offer a broad catalog of wholly-owned and licensed content for $15 per month.

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