The New York Stock Exchange honored Veterans with a moment of silence today. TheStreet's Founder and Action Alerts Portfolio Manager, Jim Cramer, highlighted two companies with ties to veterans.


Starbucks (SBUX - Get Report)  has a long history of helping veterans. According to the site's Military Responsibility page, the company has hired over 17,000 veterans and military spouses (since 2013), and they say they are committed to hiring 25,000 by 2025.

Jim Cramer says, "A company that has made a commitment to hire vets is Starbucks. So we're going to have (CEO) Kevin Johnson on..  Understand that Kevin Johnson has engineered a radical change which is how a stock can go from $52 to $68 instantly."

Kevin Johnson will be on Mad Money tonight.


Jim Cramer says, "Who knows how to do cyber terrorism and defeat it better than the U.S. Army? You need people who are loyal and do not defect to the other side." FireEye CEO Kevin Mandia will also be on Mad Money tonight.

Watch Jim Cramer's full show here: Jim Cramer Breaks Down the Market's Not so Happy Monday.

A Programming Note.

The Street's founder and Action Alerts Plus portfolio manager Jim Cramer is more than a little excited for his November 14 Action Alerts Plus members-only conference call.

Last month, Cramer focused on the stocks to buy during the October pullback. This time, he's shifting gears and making it all about education. Cramer will walk through his thought process on deciding which stocks to add to the AAP portfolio and how he makes other investment decisions.

And of course, he'll reveal the club's latest portfolio additions and which stocks are waiting in the bullpen.

"I want this call to be about how you can become the best investor you can be," Cramer said.

The call kicks off at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. Not an Action Alerts Plus member? Trial the club here.