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Exclusive: CBD-Infused Happy Tea to IPO in January

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You may not know who Michael Gonzalez is, but if you follow any of the Kardashians on social media, you probably know of his most popular product, the detox drink Fit Tea. 

Gonzalez now has a new product that is being backed by Kylie Jenner, a CBD-infused drink called Happy Tea that Gonzalez himself began using to help deal with anxiety. 

Gonzalez told TheStreet that the company just wrapped its first funding round and, in an exclusive, that the company plans to go public in January. 

"I want to take Happy Tea to retail and work with the same retail giants we've been working with... and we really want to make it mainstream and push it to the next level," Gonzalez said. "And we also want to take the company public in January."

The company has a goal of raising $12 million through two funding rounds, after raising $6 million in the funding round that just concluded. 

For the full interview check out the clip above. 

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