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From Dungeons to Unmarked Graves -- Wall Street's Haunted History

Not just the ghosts of bad trades past reside in the storied area of downtown Manhattan.

Happy Halloween!

Lower Manhattan and Wall Street in general have been key areas since America's founding, so there are plenty of haunted areas that stretch over mere blocks. 

Federal Hall was a Slave Dungeon
In 1736 Wall Street was closer to the water and had a bustling slave market. In 1741 Federal Hall housed both a jail and a dungeon and during the slave rebellion of that year, 100 slaves were captured and stored in the dungeon for the summer. Many were killed. 

Trinity Church Graveyard Has Way Too Many Skeletons In Its Closet 
The Trinity Church graveyard has been around since the 1690s and there are over 120,000 bodies buried in shallow graves throughout the yard. Say hi to Alexander Hamilton if you visit! 

Don't Picnic In City Hall Park
During the Revolutionary War, two jailhouses filled with captured American soldiers were housed by the British where City Hall now stands. Soldiers either starved to death, were killed by bread laced with arsenic, or died of smallpox that was rampant throughout the jails. Sometimes British officers would hang prisoners on Chambers Street just because they felt like it, and their remains can be found in City Hall Park. 

For more haunted history throughout Manhattan, check out the Boroughs of the Dead walking tours (which I cannot recommend enough).  

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Editors' Pick: Originally published on October 13, 2017.