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4th of July: by the numbers

87% or 216M Americans plan to celebrate the 4th of July this year.

Since 2011, eight states have lifted restrictions on the sale of most types of consumer fireworks. (map of US)

Firework revenue could surpass $900M. (That's a $75 million increase from 2016 sales.)

$6.9B was spent on food last 4th of July.

175M people planned a cookout or picnic.

That's $75.35 total per person food spending.

150M Amount of hot dogs that people will eat on the 4th.

Happy 4th from The Street

It's the best time of the summer!

America's Independence Day is July 4th and if you are an American, chances are you are celebrating on that day.

From BBQ's to setting off fireworks (or going somewhere safe to watch them), this day is the day the United States commemorates the Declaration of Independence of the United States.

It's known fo plenty of Americans across the country cooking out, eating tons of hot dogs, and spending time with their loved ones.

Can't think of anything better, right?

This holiday also kicks off a lot of vacations for many people, too!

Curious to know some of the big numbers (and I mean BIG) that make up this holiday?

Well, check out the video above to find out and remember to have a safe and cool July 4th!

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