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Growforce CEO on Why The Cannabis Company Is a Multi-Country Operator

Rishi Gautam, CEO of Growforce and executive chairman of MJardin, talks about the company's choice to focus on different countries rather than taking a multi-state approach.

There's more to the cannabis industry than the marijuana plant.

Action Alerts Plus analyst Zev Fima sat down with Rishi Gautam, CEO of GrowForce and executive chariman of MJardin. 

Zev Fima: Can you talk to me a little bit about what is MJardin?

Rishi Gautam: MJardin is a management company, so we came in as an operator...If you own a license, you may not have the expertise to run a cultivation or extraction in a retail facility. MJardin can come in as a turn-key operator and provide the people and really run your facility. 

Fima: MJardin is profitable?

Gautam: Yes. Real business, real profits.

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Fima: MJardin is public through a reverse take-over?

Guatam: We're in that process right now. 

Fima: Is Growforce the next step of MJardin? Or is it something totally different?

Gautam: About a year ago, we were looking at the multi-state operator--that term has been used and over used in the past year. We're a multi-country operator. The way that we did that is we set up a separate management entity, a separate company called Growforce. It sits in Toronto and is focused purely on the global ex-U.S. market. There are a number of different markets that we can go into. We can be in 10 countries instead of one multi-state operator. 

Watch to see what else Gautam has to say about why Growforce is a multi-country operator.

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This interview was sponsored by Mjardin and Growforce.