Growforce CEO on Why The Cannabis Company Is a Multi-Country Operator

Rishi Gautam, CEO of Growforce and executive chairman of MJardin, talks about the company's choice to focus on different countries rather than taking a multi-state approach.
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There's more to the cannabis industry than the marijuana plant.

Action Alerts Plus analyst Zev Fima sat down with Rishi Gautam, CEO of GrowForce and executive chariman of MJardin. 

Zev Fima: Can you talk to me a little bit about what is MJardin?

Rishi Gautam: MJardin is a management company, so we came in as an operator...If you own a license, you may not have the expertise to run a cultivation or extraction in a retail facility. MJardin can come in as a turn-key operator and provide the people and really run your facility. 

Fima: MJardin is profitable?

Gautam: Yes. Real business, real profits.

Fima: MJardin is public through a reverse take-over?

Guatam: We're in that process right now. 

Fima: Is Growforce the next step of MJardin? Or is it something totally different?

Gautam: About a year ago, we were looking at the multi-state operator--that term has been used and over used in the past year. We're a multi-country operator. The way that we did that is we set up a separate management entity, a separate company called Growforce. It sits in Toronto and is focused purely on the global ex-U.S. market. There are a number of different markets that we can go into. We can be in 10 countries instead of one multi-state operator. 

Watch to see what else Gautam has to say about why Growforce is a multi-country operator.

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This interview was sponsored by Mjardin and Growforce.