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Do Gold ETFs Belong in Your Retirement Planning?

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Investment markets can be confusing. To try to cut through the chatter and investment slang, we present this monthly view to you from TheStreet's Contributor Rob Isbitts. Isbitts is the chief investment strategist for Sungarden Investment Research and also contributes to TheStreet's Retirement Daily.

In this month's report. Isbitts says "It's quiet. Too quiet." He adds, "The current stock market environment reminds me of a hurricane. Specifically, the eye of the hurricane -- the sunny, calm respite between the front and back sides of the storm. The month of April did nothing to change my mind."

In this episode of TheStreet's Retirement Daily podcast Isbitts takes a look at the current state of the stock market, the bond market, key market stress points and an actionable plan. Read it all here: May's Market Outlook: It's Too Quiet Out There.

Listen to the audiogram above where Isbitts tackles Gold and oil ETFs and whether it's right for your retirement planning. 

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