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Get Ready, World: What Baby Yoda Merchandise Means for Toymakers

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Frozen 2 debuts Friday night.

And Baby Yoda has taken the internet by storm. There have been memes aplenty, and now Disney is going to make everyone's dreams come true by releasing Baby Yoda merchandise ahead of the holiday.

In case you live under a rock, Baby Yoda is one of the main characters in Disney's new original show, "The Mandalorian."

And, let's be honest, Baby Yoda may be the cutest thing the internet has seen since Baby Groot graced the Silver Screen. 

According to reports, you will soon be able to buy merchandise featuring the little green guy on Amazon (AMZN) or at retailers such as Kohl's (KSS) , Macy's (M) , Hot Topic, Disney (obviously), among other places.

So, get ready world. Baby Yoda may be coming to grace your holiday season and boost the sales of toy retailers and makers alike. And, of course, Frozen 2 helps as well.

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