George Tkazcuk Analysis: Equity Markets Back to Confirmed Uptrend

George Tkaczuk discusses the new uptrend in equity markets and what the leadership in stocks will look like
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In today's Traders Exclusive, George Tkazcuk reviews the current state of equity markets. On Wednesday, October 15, equities put in a decent reversal and continued strongly to close the week. At that point, it was unclear if the move was a technical bounce, or representative of institutional buying reentering the market. Last Tuesday, the market followed through with large gains and a pickup in volume. Since then, we haven't seen any signs of heavy selling, thus confirming the uptrend has resumed. We now sit around the 50 day moving average on the main indexes, and consolidation is expected. The question traders and investors should ask themselves at this juncture is, did your stock bounce, or did it break? Comparing stocks like AAPL and FB to stocks like AMZN and IBM shows what a difference relative strength makes. When a new uptrend begins, it is important to focus on names that reacted quickest to the reemergence of strength in the overall market. Other notable stocks include REGN, ILMN, PANW, GILD, CELG, AKRX, ALXN, ABBV, AFSI, and MCK. Study these in comparison to what the indexes did to get a sense of what healthy trading action should look like.