George Tkaczuk Analysis: Equitiy Review to Start December

George Tkaczuk talks about the ongoing run in the market and talks about some the new set-ups he is seeing.
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In today's Traders Exclusive update, George Tkaczuk discusses the state of equity markets to start the month of December. Since the October lows, the Nasdaq has run roughly 17%, with the S&P up about 14%. A pullback is due, however December seasonality supports continued bullishness, and lower oil prices should be a positive for the economy. Some sectors of note which are still offering solid setups include the medical, semiconductor, internet, and retail groups. In the medical space, specific tickers of interest are JAZZ, ALXN, ILMN, MYL, VRX, and UTHR. Within retail, BWLD and FRGI stand out. In the semiconductors you have AMAT, BRCM, MU, NVDA, and AVGO. The networking space is offering opportunities in FFIV and AKAM.