George Tkaczuk Analysis: Alliance Data Systems (ADS) Nearing a Pivot

George Tkaczuk talks about some of the sector rotation and how to play the double bottom base forming in Alliance Data Systems (ADS).
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In today's Traders Exclusive, George Tkaczuk assess equity markets, which in his view remain healthy as the trend remains up and the last few weeks have lacked institutional selling. As long as the S&P holds the 2,000 level, things should continue to be constructive. There does seem to be some rotation occurring, as the biotech sector is coming in, but other medical related sectors are holding up well. Transportation stocks, semiconductors, and restaurants are all doing well. The financial sector, specifically small banks and credit card service companies, are particularly interesting. Alliance Data Systems, which provides credit card services and is rolling out innovate payment systems, has demonstrated strong fundamental performance over the last few quarters. The chart has been consolidating since March, and appears ready to resume its uptrend after a double-bottom base. Near the pivot point around 288.60, Tkaczuk would look to enter on a high volume breakout. There has been strong institutional support of the stock, with fund ownership increasing consistently over the last 8 quarters. 275 would be an area to place a stop loss.