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Gary V Talks Sports and Business at Super Bowl 54

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Gary Vaynerchuck is perhaps the most recognizable entrepreneur on social media.  He's inspirational, motivational, sensational, and his content is consumed by millions of his followers on a daily basis. 

When Gary V's "people" approached us on radio row at Super Bowl 54 they asked if we would like 10 minutes to sit down with the five time New York Times best seller. 

I was skeptical at first. 

Gary V? "The Gary V" or are you trying to fool me into interviewing someone with the same moniker? 


It indeed was Vaynerchuck.

His enthusiasm is contagious. 

His passion is palpable. 

His knowledge, wisdom, and advice is worth following, studying, and embracing.

Sound like I am a HUGE fan? It's because I am. 

Interviewing Gary V was a bucket list interview, one I can now check off. Doing it at the Super Bowl made it even more special.

Vaynerchuck is a huge sports fan. 

Talking to him about business, sports, and the business of sports was eye-opening. Gary V and his brother AJ, started VaynerSports four years ago and had just one client. Now they represent over 20 players in the NFL. 

Which is a testament to one of his biggest pieces of advice for entrepreneurs, "patience" and "self awareness."

His message of patience is often met with resistance in today's world where everyone wants instant gratification. Vaynerchuck admitted it took him "13 years, not 13 minutes" to get to where he is, to build his audience and businesses. He knows it may take another 20 or 30 years  before reaching his ultimate business goal of buying the New York Jets. 

Stay tuned for more interviews from today's top entrepreneurs including Michael Rubin, CEO of Fanatics and partner of the 76ers and Jason Robbins CEO of DraftKings.

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