Options may seem like tools that only the super-sophisticated investor uses, but all investors can benefit from option trading.  Whether it's as a stock replacement or a hedge against market downturn, you can benefit from learning how to trade options.

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And that's where the Najarian Brothers come in.  Pete Najarian, the "Pit Boss," and his brother, Jon "Dr. J" Najarian, together founded Investitute.com, a financial education and newsletter services company. They are also the best-selling authors of both "How We Trade Options" and "The 22 Rules of Investing.

So let the Najarian brothers and their team of coaches teach you how to protect you investments and maximize your returns.

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Description: The Beginner's Options course will teach and review the core concepts and fundamentals of trading options. After completing this course, you will have a fundamental understanding of how calls and puts work, how they are traded, how their price is determined, and how options can be some of the most versatile tools in your investment arsenal (~7 Hours). Typically Retails for $495. Click here for your free class!

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