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Four Under The Radar Stocks to Own For The Long Term

The Barrow Long/Short Opportunity Fund's David Bechtel believes these four names could be great stocks to own for the long term.

Shares of WD-40 (WDFC) have surged more than 25% in the past year thanks in part to the drop in oil prices. Slick investors can expect the stock’s smooth ride to continue, said David Bechtel, principal with the Barrow Long/Short Opportunity Fund (BFSLX). 'They will benefit from the drop in crude prices, they use a lot of petroleum derivatives in what they make,' said Bechtel. 'And they have fantastic returns on equity of well over 25% so that’s a good indicator of how well they are able to use that brand to maintain pricing power.' The Barrow Long/Short Opportunity Fund is up 1% year-to-date after rising 8% in 2015. Bechtel is also positive on shares of patent protector RPX Corporation (RPXC), which performed well last year, until the company announced the purchase of discovery management solutions provider Inventus for $232 million in cash, thereby sending the stock down over 20%.

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