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These Countries Want to Eliminate Fossil Fuels for Good

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It's been a while since the U.K. had brought any good news for us. 

That's because Brexit had constantly dominated the news market. 

But finally, this week, the U.K. came out with the news which bring about joy especially for  for environmentalists. The government announced that it will ban the sale of fossil-fuel vehicles - including hybrid - starting in 2035. They moved the ban five years earlier than they initially planned for. 

It seems like countries are slowly and gradually understanding the climate change issue.

Besides the U.K., other countries are also committed to the mission of banning or decreasing the use of fossil fuels.

Here are some of them. 

  1. Costa Rica: The country is poised to become the world's first carbon-free country as it plans to eliminate fossil fuels by 2021.
  2. Norway: It plans to ban the sale of fossil-fuel vehicles by 2025.
  3. Israel: It's considering banning the import of fossil-fuel vehicles starting in 2030.

To see which other countries made the list, watch the video above!

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