Former Talking Head Jerry Harrison Dives into Crowdfunding with RedCrow

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Jerry Harrison explains how his new crowdfunding platform RedCrow offers more than a way to raise money.
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RedCrow's mission is not simply to help investors discover early stage startups in the booming healthcare and medtech sectors, but to connect those entrepreneurs to the industry's top talking heads, says the company's chairman Jerry Harrison. "RedCrow does more than list the companies, we also vet them and help guide them," said Harrison. "Most crowdfunding platforms don't offer that kind of expertise." Harrison is most widely known for his work as member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band the Talking Heads and as an original member of The Modern Lovers. Outside of his rock and roll credentials, Harrison has an extraordinary background as an entrepreneur as the co-founder of companies like, an Internet music resource and early pioneer in crowdsourcing. Harrison founded the company along with CEO Brian Smith, a former Morgan Stanley financial advisor and wealth manager. Founded in 2016, San Francisco-based RedCrow is an equity crowdfunding portal that provides investment opportunities for accredited investors. Unlike other crowdfunding portals, RedCrow enables the public to invest alongside industry experts who serve as RedCrow advisors and strategic investment partners. In 2017, RedCrow plans to open its exclusive offerings to Title III, non-accredited investors, fully embracing the crowd.