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Former CDC Director: Bringing Sports Fans Back Depends on Communities

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Sports are back. 

We have the NBA going into the Finals in its bubble down in Florida, the MLB preparing for the postseason and the NFL season in full gear and--for some teams--fans in the stadiums. 

But as we prep for a potential second wave of coronavirus infections and the world is about to surpass the grim milestone of one million deaths from the coronavirus, the question has to be asked: can we bring back fans to all sports games or is this going to be a lost cause?

ICYMI, the Kansas City Chiefs had to put their COVID-19 protocols to the test in mid-September when a fan who attended a Chiefs game tested positive for the coronavirus. 

"The contact tracing mechanisms that the club has in place, including parking and ticket scanning data, as well as video record review, indicate that the individual who has presented positive and the individual's party entered the stadium in compliance with mask mandates. This process allowed the team to identify the other guests sitting with this individual, the service staff with whom this individual may have come in contact with, as well as any other ticket holders near this person at the time of entry into the stadium. Within hours of being notified, the Chiefs were able to pinpoint the names of the other members of the party as well as detailed information about the path and location of entry, and this information was provided to the Health Department. The tracing capabilities at the stadium allow the extension of communication to learn more about the guest's activity the days leading up to and after the game Thursday night," the Chiefs wrote in a statement on their website. 

So, does Dr. Tom Frieden, a former CDC director and CEO of Resolve to Save Lives, discusses in the video above for how we can continue to bring fans back to stadiums.

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