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Ford and QuantumScape - Different Roads, Same Destination

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Ford Motor Co. F and QuantumScape QS are two companies that on the surface have very little in common: one is a 118-year-old combustion engine car and truck maker, while the other is working on the world's next heavy-duty super-charged battery.

Yet the two companies in separate, unrelated announcements on Wednesday are both looking at the same road ahead: the en masse expansion and adaptation of vehicles that run on long-range easily rechargeable batteries.

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TheStreet's Corey Goldman takes a closer look at both companies' respective EV-related announcements - Ford revealing that it's going all-in on all-electric car production in Europe, and QuantumScape unveiling a breakthrough with its battery technology that allows them to hold a longer charge and re-charge faster - announcements that sent both companies' shares higher on Wednesday. 

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