Is It Safe to Fly This Summer?

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Whether it's safe to fly this summer is a point of conversation—and contention—across many dinner tables this summer.

Of course, choosing to travel during the pandemic is inherently riskier than staying at home, but there are ways to minimize those risks with careful planning if you do choose or need to fly.

In a recent survey, travel booking platform Qtrip found 61% of respondents have a tighter budget for travel and 69% are concerned for their health.

If you choose to fly, here’s how to save on flights:

  • Midweek (Tuesday and Wednesday) flights are still the best value overall, and Sundays are often the most expensive airline tickets
  • A Main Cabin Premium ticket may be worth the extra money if it provides more opportunity for social distancing
  • If you purchase travel insurance, make sure to read its policies regarding cancellations due to COVID-19

The Qtrip survey showed 53% of respondents are either extremely likely or very likely to go on a domestic vacation versus 36% for an international vacation. 58% of respondents are looking forward to reuniting with family after the pandemic.

However, TheStreet’s Jim Cramer says he won't be flying until masks are federally mandated.

"I will not go on an airplane with the Russian roulette knowledge that someone next to me might have COVID. But if you want to cut the risk, you go on a plane that has a middle seat separation and you wear a mask."

If you choose to fly, here are some tips for staying healthy:

  • Wear a mask at all times while at the airport and on the plane to help prevent asymptomatic spread
  • Wash your hands frequently and carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you
  • Look at the airline's stances on social distancing on flights; some airlines are keeping cabin capacities lower than others
  • According to Qtrip, the air quality on airplanes is excellent with hospital grade air filtration systems.
  • Consider booking a window seat which will allow for more distance from other passengers and flight attendants walking through the aisles

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