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5 Sectors for Investors to Watch

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There's obviously a lot moving in the markets right now, so what are some sectors that experts are watching? 

Amanda Agati, co-chief investment strategist for PNC, and Jerry Kronenberg, managing editor at TheStreet, sat down with TheStreet's Katherine Ross to talk trade war, sectors and fall trading. 

Let's kick it off with trade. 

"We have a momentary reprieve and I'll take it," said Agati. "This is the first time in a number of months where it feels like trade is not the top of mind issue for investors in the markets."

When it comes to sectors, top of mind is energy, according to Agati. 

But, Kronenberg has another sector that he's watching. 

He said that he's on "recession watch" and is keeping a close eye on utilities. 

In particular, he's watching the Utilities SPDR (XLU) ETF. 

But, Agati has some other sectors that she's watching and she's got a sector to avoid. 

Watch the full interview for more. 

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