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5 Market Moving Topics to Watch in 2020

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Ready for 2020?

Jeff Marks, senior portfolio analyst with Action Alerts PLUS, is. 

Marks broke down the top five things he's watching in the markets as we kick off the new year. 

The first thing?

The Streaming Wars

The streaming wars are well underway, and they're just going to start speeding up in 2020. 

So far, Apple  (AAPL) , Disney  (DIS) and Netflix  (NFLX) are going head to head to see who comes out on top. 

But in 2020, investors can expect to see companies such as Comcast  (CMCSA) get involved.

Keep an Eye on 5G 

Marks says that he's personally excited for Apple's 5G phone, which will be unveiled at the end of the year. 

Big Tech Regulation

Big tech is going to be on everyone's minds as the race to declare a Democratic nominee heats up, especially as some of the major players--including candidates such as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders--call for the regulation and perhaps even break-up of big tech such as Google  (GOOGL) , Facebook  (FB) , Apple and Amazon  (AMZN) .

The Election

Don't get too hyped about it just yet, but it is something to keep an eye on, according to Marks. 

And, Finally, the Repo Market

Marks says that it would be "healthy" for the markets to figure out this issue and to have some certainty. 

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