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5 eSports Terms Investors Need to Know

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Ready to take a deep dive into the esports space? Curious about esports, but not sure if you're knowledgable enough to invest?

The esports space is growing rapidly. The space is expected to hit over $1 billion in 2019.

For investors who are on the fence about esports, here are some statistics from Newzoo about how quickly this industry is expanding. 

  • 450 million people will watch eSports in 2019
  • 200 million of those being eSports enthusiasts
  • The global eSports audience is estimated to reach 453.8 million this year, representing a year-over-year growth of 15%.

Before investors dip their toes into the esports pool, they need to know more about the space. 

So, here's five important esports terms. 

Game developers: The developers are responsible for creating the game. 

Game publishers: Game publishers are the ones who market and release the games.

Latency: In esports, latency refers to the delay between action and response in the game.

Computer Processing Unit (CPU): A CPU is comparable to the brains of a computer. It's responsible for decoding and executing instructions. 

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU): A GPU is responsible for the graphics and it helps to prevent the CPU from overloading. 


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