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Why Jim Cramer Is Watching These 2 Fitness Stocks

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Jim Cramer penned a Real Money column on stocks to watch this pandemic and the next.

"We've learned a ton in the last year about pandemics, most importantly that we know nothing about them. Hardly a day goes by without acknowledging we did so many things wrong. First, we minimized it, with the president and the vice president talking about single-digit casualties as the beginning of the scourge. Then we decided it was all about surfaces. Washing your hands and making sure that you don't touch anyone seemed to be the best ways not to spread it," wrote Cramer. 

"We heard that masks meant nothing, perhaps the single worst judgment rendered by our government because the previous administration and many governors then decided that masks didn't work, thereby elongating the whole darned thing. We still aren't sure why the government held to such an ignorant ground. Was it a lack of personal protective equipment for the first responders and health care workers? Was it some sort of disbelief in the science that drove other, healthier countries, to where masks everywhere?" He continued.

He breaks down why he's watching certain stocks in the video above.

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