Fisker CEO: Autonomous Electric Shuttle Will Debut Soon at Major Tech Company

Fisker Inc. founder and noted car designer Henrik Fisker is full steam ahead with his electric car plans, but also his autonomous shuttle plans.
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There is an entire world out there trying to develop the next generation of transportation, it's not all Tesla (TSLA) - Get Report

One of the names leading the pack on electric car design is Henrik Fisker, noted car designer and founder of Fisker Inc. Unbeknownst to many though, Fisker may also be nearing the head of the pack on electric autonomous shuttles. 

Dubbed the Orbit, Fisker tells TheStreet it will debut on an undisclosed 'major' tech company's campus in 2019. 

"We are hoping it will be ready in the middle of next year to run around on a tech campus here in the U.S., we are working with one of the big tech companies," Fisker says. 

Fisker teased the Orbit in late December 2017 as a way to ease urban transportation issues. 

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