Wall Street Women In History: Meet the First Female Stockbroker

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March is Women's History Month.

And since our offices are across from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), we thought we'd showcase on the women that have made their mark on the exchanges.

Last week you met, Muriel Siebert, the first woman to have a seat on the NYSE in 1967, but way before that, there were other women rocking wall street.

So this week meet Victoria Woodhull. She and her sister were the first female stockbrokers on Wall St. and they actually opened their own brokerage firm.

That was back in 1870.

But and you can only imagine the sensationalism that was created around "women" actually having jobs back then. But that didn't stop them. Woodhull went on to complete many more "firsts" and paved the way for so many women.

So watch our video and learn her story.

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