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Tip for Financial Advisors During Pandemic: Embrace Technology

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If you're a financial adviser, what’s the best way to connect with your clients right now?

As most advisers are well aware, speaking with clients through the magic of the internet, using Zoom or similar video conferencing technology, is making life a bit easier. But there’s another way to use Zoom, according to David Freitag, a financial planning consultant and Social Security expert for MassMutual.

Hold an educational seminar about Social Security. Cover the basic concepts such as those found in Understanding the Benefits. How do you earn Social Security credits? What is full retirement age? Why and when would you take Social Security benefits early? Why should you delay applying for Social Security? What are some of the more common filing strategies? What do divorced spouses and surviving spouses need to know?

“Wrapping that up into an informational seminar has proved to be incredibly valuable,” says Freitag. “It is important information to provide the clients.”

And here's what we've discovered, says Freitag: “People want to come to these now,” he says. “I'd like to hear about how this works because I've now got time…they can actually look at their own future and begin to project, what am I going to do?”

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