Ferrari 488 Spider: A 661 Horsepower Rolling Piece of Fine Italian Art

The Ferrari 488 Spider is equally fine going 100 miles per hour or stealing the show while driving up to five-star Italian restaurant.
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Critiquing Ferrari's (RACE) - Get Report 488 Spider is like bashing a meal at a five-star Italian restaurant: it just doesn't make any sense. 

TheStreet got its hands on the $300,000 or so 488 Spider convertible for a weekend and naturally came away impressed. The 488 Spider turned heads down every block with its aggressive styling and sexy exhaust notes. Corners were handled easily at speeds the law would not welcome seeing. Even the gas mileage was good for a super-car churning out about 661 horsepower. 

In short, if you have made a few bucks in the stock market since the Great Recession bottom and want to splurge a bit, the 488 Spider is among the super-cars to consider.

The Upside

The 488 Spider was a joy to drive.

  • 0 to 60 in about 3 seconds. 661 horsepower. 203 mph top speed. More than 20 miles a gallon. Need we say anymore?
  • World class interior trim. 
  • If turning heads is your thing, the 488 Spider will do that...and then some.
  • Despite the low ground clearance and high horsepower, the 488 Spider was relatively simple to drive. Hat tip to the push button automatic transmission. 
  • The ride is not as firm as we thought it would be going into the review.  

The Downside

There wasn't much here. 

  • The price tag of around $300,000 puts the 488 Spider in a true class of its own among high-end autos.
  • Tough to not draw attention to one's status in a supermarket parking lot. 
  • A touch small in the interior. Note at six feet tall, we fit perfectly fine in the 488 Spider. 
  • Tricky to use audio system.