FANG and Cloud Kings: How They can Change Your Financial Future

Jim Cramer and his exclusive panel of experts discuss FANG and Cloud Kings. The Street's Eric Jhonsa and others join the conversation.
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The term 'FANG' was coined by TheStreet's Jim Cramer.

And, so, it should be no surprise that FANG and Cloud Kings were highlights at Jim Cramer's recent Boot Camp: How to Invest Like a Pro in New York.

Cramer asked his expert panel "I want to know... whether anyone thinks... that one of them has overstayed its usefulness and what letter would you replace it with?"

The Panel of Experts Respond.

  • Eric Jhonsa Technology Columnist, TheStreet says "It's a tough question. And I feel like all four are still executing very well in different ways. You know you can make a case, you can add a company like Microsoft in there as well, but I wouldn't say any of them has overstayed its welcome so far."
  • Paul Rodriguez Managing Director, Arthur W. Wood Company added, "Yeah, for me personally I look at, as we talked about on the phone, the plumbing behind the cloud build out. So I would tell you for right now, it's very tough for Google. You know, they're really trying to play catch up to both Amazon and Microsoft in providing cloud infrastructure so that'd be the one that I would point out."
  • Naomi Shah Analyst, Union Square Ventures says "That's a really interesting question. I think that I'm more in Eric's camp where I don't think any of them have overstayed their welcome necessarily, however I do think that there are small things that you can point out in maybe Facebook's company that point to, there's a lot of regulation crackdown on it, users are becoming more wary of certain security issues, and if you look at user growth numbers, it might point to a trend that's, it was huge when it started, but maybe not as valuable today as it was at one point, and there are other ways that people are finding that they can have social networks in a more distributed way. Where all their data isn't in one spot."

The panel tackled a range of topics from why investors have soured on tech to Why Netflix Is Jim Cramer's Least Favorite FANG and 'Amazon's Never Been Cheap", Says Jim Cramer.

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