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Facebook Hearings Could Have Used Some Real Tech Experts

In light of the Zuckerberg hearings, we sat with Ian Myers, CEO of NewsPicks, a site with content curated by humans only, to get his thoughts on Facebook and the state of social media. Watch!

In light of the Facebook hearings, we sat with Ian Myers, CEO of NewsPicks, a joint venture between Dow Jones and Uzabase, a Japanese business intelligence and media company, to get his thoughts on the state of social media.

At 27, Myers is CEO of one of the only major social media news sites where humans are in control. There are no algorithms or A.I. that force you to read certain things.  The content is curated by experts only.

And engaging conversation  -- not mean, slanderous tweets -- is encouraged by participants.

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So watch the video above as Myers talks about regulation, terms of service and the what he thinks consumers really want these days. 

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