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'The FAANGs Are Not Standing Still' - Jim Cramer

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Is FAANG (FB) ( (AMZN)  ( (AAPL) ) ( (GOOGL) ) dead, or not?  Jim Cramer says emphatically 'NO'. Watch the video for a video round-up of TheStreet's founder and Action Alerts PLUS Portfolio manager on the great debate.

Real Money Pros are also weighing on the great FAANG debate.

Watch the entire conversation: Real Money’s Real Talk: Debating the Death of FAANG.

"I think when we talk about is FAANG dead, we need to talk about two different conversations," said Real Money contributor Kevin Curran. "One in terms of market leadership, and one in terms of dominance in their respective verticals."

"The question to me is, are some of these companies as disruptive as they once were," said Real Money's Chris Versace.

"I think that when Jim did create this term back in 2013 originally, it was to have a barometer of how tech is doing," said Katherine Ross, a Real Money Reporter. "That no longer is the case. When you look at tech, there are so many micro pieces to it.

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