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FAA Lifts Ground Stop After ‘Significant’ Disruption

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The FAA has resumed domestic flights after a system outage grounded thousands of flights nationwide.

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MARTIN BACCARDAX: This morning at around 4:30 AM eastern time, the FAA reported that one of its key communications systems had failed. And as a result, it wasn't able to get real time updates to pilots and to flight crews throughout the morning. So as a result, they had to issue a ground stop order, which basically put to the ground thousands of U.S. flights both coming into the United States leaving and domestically as well. That lasted for about five hours. And according to FlightAware data, which tracks this in real time, nearly 5,000 flights were ultimately affected. Now, the ground stop order was lifted just prior to 9:00 AM eastern time, and there is a slow resumption now back to normal.

But the backlog of those delayed or potentially canceled flights is going to ripple through the entire schedule for the day. And it's estimated that about 22,000 flights were due to take off or land today in the United States carrying around 2.9 million passengers. So the disruption is absolutely significant. And of course, comes very closely on the heels of Southwest Airlines  (LUV) - Get Free Report traffic difficulties over the holiday season. So the airlines once again, even if this situation wasn't necessarily of their making, show how they can quickly get into their own way in terms of performance, even as passenger traffic continues to accelerate past those pre-pandemic levels.

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