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Expert Reveals the Catalyst That'll Make or Break the Market

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Let's take a look at the market. 

We've got President Trump saying that there'll be a 10% tariff enacted on Sept. 1 on China. And now we have China devaluing the yuan. 

The yuan weakened to the lowest level in a decade versus the dollar on Monday. 


Kenny Polcari, managing principal at Butcher Joseph Asset Management, weighed in on what investors need to watch when it comes to market catalysts. 

"What's keeping me up at night when we're talking about the stock market is really kind of wondering what the next, you know, what catalyst is going to come out of the left field. What is it that the market is not pricing in or that is not aware of?" He said. 

"So the things that I would worry about, especially now that this has started, is going to be listening to what the reports are coming out, what the rest of these reports are and what the CEO and CFOs are saying about future guidance," continued Polcari.

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