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Will Esports Replace Slot Machines in Casinos?

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Esports Entertainment Group  (GMBL ) recently made a series of acquisitions aimed at propelling esports into a future -- a future that may lie in the casino. 

Esports EntertainmentGroup  announced an agreement to acquire ggCircuit LLC and Helix eSports LLC for roughly $43 million.

Part of the Helix acquisition included LANDuel, “a proprietary player vs player platform, built in Unity, that allows for skill based wagering on third-party video games both in gaming centers and eventually remotely.” Per the release, “LANduel also holds close relationships with several major game publishers to ensure events and wagering follow community guidelines. LANduel is currently working alongside the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement on a pilot program.”

Why? Numerous industry experts view legalize gambling as a huge potential opportunity in Esports. 

In the video above, Helix co-founder Murphy Vandervelde breaks down how he sees a future where esports could replace slot machines in casinos. 

Watch more of the interview with Vanderbelde as well as Esports Entertainment Group CEO Grant Johnson here. 

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