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The Next Big Investment Trend and the Growth Engine Behind It- UBS

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TheStreet spoke to Suni Harford, President, UBS Asset Management, about investing in environmental, social, and governance (ESG), and sustainability growth.

"Everything we do today, we could do differently, more efficiently, more effectively from a planet perspective and you're going to see a tremendous amount in that area. And I'm not saying that that's going to be China, necessarily.  Europe has a great chance to be the growth engine behind that trend." says Harford.

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What's the biggest impediment to ESG investing? Watch the video to find out.

See the entire interview with Suni Harford here: UBS Top Executive on Inflation, China, Digital Transformation, and More.

Topics discussed in the video below:

  • Suni Harford, President of Asset Management for UBS Financial Services discusses how to invest directly in China.
  • The future of digital transformation
  • The next big investment trend: ESG
  • The SPAC bubble
  • Why the right portfolio should be active and passive
  • Women & finance
  • The rate of change and its impact on investing

Disclosure: Contributor Tracy Byrnes is also a financial advisor at UBS. 

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