What the Future of ESG Investing Looks Like for Second Half of 2019

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The future of Environmental, Social and Governance investing (ESG) continues to evolve...

And while ESG (or socially responsible) investing isn't about politics, it will no doubt get more politicized as the 2020 elections get closer. 

At least, that's according to Ethan Powell, CEO of Impact Shares.

He shared his thoughts in TheStreet's Special Report: Wall Street's Second Act. 

Here's an excerpt from the video transcript:

"Earlier in the year, uh, there was an executive order that came through in the energy executive order that mandated the Department of Justice to take a look at ESG investing and whether or not it's appropriate for ERISA qualified plan. So that's 401k's, IRA's, roughly $14 trillion of assets. Um, so my expectations because it was in the energy policy, is that they're probably going to say that fossil fuel free strategies are not appropriate," Powell said.

Want to hear more on what Ethan Powell had to say? Watch the video above.

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