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The Economy Is Shifting Towards a 'Manufacturing-Driven Economy;' NYSE Trader

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Tim Anderson, managing director at TJM Investments, talked to TheStreet about the impact of positive headlines on U.S.-China trade talks, and what he's seeing in the markets Friday, March 15.

"I think the market is moving on much more than just [the trade talks] because the economic data that we've seen come out and there's been a lot of noise involved in a lot of the reports," said Anderson. "Some of it from the government shutdown, but the macro-data on the economy has been very positive. I know that some people had an issue where the retail sales report early in the week. I did not. I thought it was a strong report. And I also think there's this very subtle undertone of the economy shifting a little bit into all more manufacturing driven economy."

Anderson also discussed the market movements in the first part of the week and how the market is having a "funny" day Friday. 

"I know a lot of professional traders that take this day off because it's a quadruple exploration of both, uh, individual stock options, uh, uh, stock index options and, and futures. And it's also an s and p 500 re-balancing day on top of it all. And that just creates so much noise that a lot of professional traders just say, you know what, this is one day of the year I really would rather not deal with," said Anderson. "They don't want to go through the exercise of trying to guess or estimate what direction stocks are going to go into a day because of big imbalances that might take place late in the day, the, the massive index funds that dominate that activity have that whole routine down very well. They might do a little bit early, they might still do a little bit next week. But, a lot of professional traders don't like all the noise on a day like today."

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