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Eating in Houston, the South's 21st Century Creole city

Houston is one of the country's great food cities because of its mix of cultural influences from Southern to Vietnamese

Houston is a "21st century creole city" with food to match, says John T. Edge, author of the new book The Potlikker Papers: A Food History of the Modern South. The city's chefs have blended Southern, Vietnamese and Cajun elements to create a distinctive cuisine.

Edge points to places like Cali Sandwich & Fast food, which offers bahn mi and pho, and Houston's numerous Vietnamese-Cajun crawfish joints, which prepare the Louisiana standard with lemongrass, a cultural hybrid that Edge calls "the future of the South." He also loves Underbelly, where chef Chris Shepherd cooks food that reflects "the crazy-quilt dynamism of Houston," Edge said.        

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