E-Sports Watch: Star Wars Player Revolt Explained & Goodbye Marvel Heroes

You may have noticed gamers losing their minds online over 'Loot Boxes' in EA's Star Wars Battlefront 2
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Even before EA's (EA) - Get Report Star Wars Battlefront 2 had launched, it was causing controversy in the gaming world. There was a significant uproar from gamers who took issue with the inclusion of 'loot boxes' in the game. The boxes give players the opportunity to unlock content that could otherwise take up to 40 hours to secure otherwise. This is in addition to paying $59.99 for the game itself. EA attempted to defend the inclusion of 'loot boxes' on Reddit but their actions backfired as users gave the game company the most downvoted comment in Reddit history. On 17th November, the comment had more than 600,000 downvotes. To put that in context, the next most downvoted comment only has around 24,000 downvotes.

Bad news for fans of Marvel Heroes. The game by Gazillion Entertainment is being shut down for good after Disney revealed that it had ended its relationship with the game's developers. Marvel Heroes was first launched on PC in 2013 before it jumped to Playstation and Xbox earlier this year, as Marve Heroes Omega. Fans of the game became concerned that something was wrong when the developer's of the games went silent on social media around the middle of October, with their fears being confirmed this week. Disney (DIS) - Get Report and Gazillion Entertainment have not yet given a timeframe for the final shutdown.

In other gaming news, 22 awards were handed out at the second annual E-Sports Industry Awards in London. OpTic Gaming left the event with a lot to celebrate after picking up the Team of the Year. OpTic's Matthew 'FormaL' Piper personally won the Play of the Year and Console Player of the Year. OpTic's Davis 'Optic Hitch' Edwards secured the E-Sports Videographer of the Year to cap off a successful night for the Texas-based team. Tencent's (TCTZF) Riot Games, makers of League of Legends, picked up the Publisher of the Year award.

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