Dunkin' Donuts May Have Something Over Starbucks: US COO

Seen what Dunkin' Donuts has over Starbucks.
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Dunkin' Donuts is opening many of what it calls "next generation" stores of the future in the US. The coffee and doughnut chain is planning a net addition of 96 improved stores that will have several features designed to speed up the process of getting food and drink into the hands of customers. 

And it is speed that could give Dunkin' Donuts a competitive advantage as it continues its perennial coffee-selling race against Starbucks (SBUX) - Get Report  Starbucks has about 40% market share in coffee in the US, compared to Dunkin's roughly 20%, according to Statista. 

"Speed is our competitive differentiator," Dunkin' Donuts US Chief Operating Officer Scott Murphy told TheStreet. "It's what we do really well. We're really fast." 

The new locations feature coffee taps that pour out coffee on-demand, much like a beer tap in a bar or restaurant. Some locations, although not the newest one just opened on eighth avenue in New York City, have Kiosks that allow customers to quickly order. 

Of course ramping up the speed of sales could get more customers into the new stores. Foot traffic has been an issue for Dunkin' this year, as it declined year-over-year in the second-quarter, with sales growth at 1.4%. "Everything about this new store is about bringing more people into the restaurant," Murphy said. and to his point about speed, "inside, it's very fast and efficient, so people get in and out on their busy day."