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Dr. Fauci: I've 'Never Seen Anything Like' COVID-19

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When we first started seeing the coronavirus pandemic pick up and impact more and more people, medical experts believed that it impacted the respiratory virus. 

However, as we've learned more about the virus, it's become clear that's it's more of a circulatory virus.

Dr. Fauci joined TheStreet to talk about the evolution of treating the coronavirus. 

"...I've been through the beginning of diseases where you knew nothing about the disease. You may or may not know that I've been involved with HIV, taking care of HIV infected individuals, literally, from the first few weeks of when we realized that we were dealing with a new disease. It didn't even have a name then. And it certainly, we didn't know what the etiology was back in the summer and the fall of 1981. And as the months went by, and even years, we learned more and more about the different types of manifestations of disease," said Fauci. 

"I've quite frankly, never seen anything like it, where a single, well-characterized virus in individuals can have a range of manifestations, that go from being completely asymptomatic, no symptoms at all, to having a few symptoms that don't bother you much, to having symptoms enough to keep you home, to have symptoms enough to keep you in bed really feeling poorly for a couple of weeks, to have the symptoms and signs of having you go to a hospital, to then possibly getting intensive care, and then to dying and accounting for the over 115,000 deaths that we have in this country. So it's very very unusual to have a disease with that range of manifestation with one etiological agent," he continued.

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