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Jim Cramer: Ignore Warren Buffett, Down Market's are Buying Opportunities

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Need some investing advice?

Jim Cramer has some, but strict followers of Warren Buffett may not like what he has to say. 

Cramer gave investors who are, in his words, "trying to get rich" some advice on down days.

"So when you have a selloff like this and you haven't bought anything, that's the opportunity. I do not like the analysis with just says don't pay any attention to the market because that is fatuous. It's only works if you're rich, you know, I mean, I'm fortunate enough to be wealthy, but I still pay attention to this. I'm sure he says, well, it's ridiculous," said Cramer.

"But when you're really, really rich you forget what it was like when you weren't, I haven't and I think that people have a right to try to make money and that they should try to make money when the market's down. Warren Buffet told you to not do anything between 2007 and 2009 I told you multiple times to sell in 2007 and multiple times to buy in 2009 and I saved you about 40% and that was good. Now, if you were rich, it may not matter, but if you're poor or medium or trying to get rich, it did matter."

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