The prediction power of a wealthy rock-star must never go under-estimated. 

Gene Simmons told TheStreet in Jan. 2017 the Dow Jones Industrial Average would blow past 20,000 thanks to business friendly Trump policies. Simmons came back months later calling for Dow 25,000 (passed that), and said ultimately the Dow would rocket to 30,000 within two years. 

But before it reaches that 30,000 level, Simmons thinks there will be a pullback -- soon. 

"We will be at Dow 26,000 any day now, but because of the political turmoil the Dow will go down 1,100 to 1,200 points in the next 12-months," Simmons said in an interview. But with unemployment low, Simmons doesn't think the market will stay down for long. 

"Don't get scared, buy America," Simmons said.

For those giggling at the sound of Gene Simmons making market calls, don't be so quick to hate.

In addition to dabbling in the markets, Simmons is also quite an established businessman. Simmons is the mastermind behind the gold mine that is Kiss merchandise, which boasts an astounding 5,000-plus branded items. Simmons is reportedly worth more than $300 million.